Road to rainbow – Poland




From Tournai Belgium, to South-East Poland, a van, two days on the road throught Germany and a lot of happenings. This is tricky how life can be when you go into it, you surely never know what is gonna be on the next turn.



Tent in the morning fog, following a long magic night – Poland – 35mm



After the surprise gets the anger, followed by the madness ant the will of destruction and self-destruction. In an ocean of confusion, you can either drown in the cold abysses or burn like a death star, running away from the feelings that hold you down. After that comes the above, the wiseness and the will of purity. "When you forgive, you love. And when you love, god light shines on you."




Hanging bike – Tournai, Belgium – 35mm





Road to Rainbow – Poland – 35mm






Sun alarm – Poland – 35mm





Nothing else than everything – Poland – 35mm





And the smiles, and the humanity – Poland – 35mm





Lightening dark with the biggest love – Poland – 35mm





You can leave it but it will last forever – Poland – 35mm





For one day you will find peace – Poland – 35mm