Road to rainbow – Bulgaria




At a certain point of my life, I had to find something, somewhere that would give me the proof that it exist something else than the cold surroundings, the poor human relations in the cities we built, the routine of a meaningless life leads by love disappointments, lack of consideration, hierarchy and hypocrisy.



Sky – Bulgary – 35mm




 It was about magic gatherings where people live, cook and make fire together. Where people smiles at you with their purest smile, hugs you with their purest love, where you don't need anything but the sun, the sun and your body become the only landmarks giving you the freedom of enjoying the time that is slowly slipping under your feets.




Dog met on way of mountains – Bulgary – 35 mm





It is there – Bulgary – 35mm





Didgeridoo, wonderful peoples and breathtaking view – Bulgary – 35mm





Daily farmer’s goats crossing the camp – Bulgary – 35mm